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  • Particle detector BAM1006-M

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    Performance: 1.Measuring range: (0-1000) µg/m3, (0-10000) µg/m3 optional 2.Measurement accuracy: ±2% 3.Full scale value: 1.5mg/cm2 area: 1cm2 5.Center distance between spots: α±0.5mm, α is set value about 13.5mm 6.Minimum detection limit ≤2µg/m3 7.The temperature before measurement is -30℃~+50℃, and the indication error is ±0.5℃

  • Dust monitoring device ZWIN-YCM06

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    Portable Dust Detector ZWIN-YCM06 is our company’s newly launched active particle detector, a highly integrated portable one. Its main characteristics as follows: highly accurate, small in size, light weight, easy to use and adaptable for long -time outdoor operation, also can be used in indoor public places dust detection.

  • Automatic detector ZWIN-AQMS30P-PM2.5

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    Technical data Measuring range – 0-1.0 mg/m3 0-10mg/m3 optional Min LOD – ≤0.005mg/m3 parallelity – ≤±7% or 5 μg/m3 Power supply – AC220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz Timing error – 10kPa Sampling flow deviation – 16.7LPM ±2% Operating temperature – 0-40℃

  • Automatic detector ZWIN-AQMS30P-PM10

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    DESCRIPTION Storage capacity can reach to 1,000,000. On board storage for over 20 years of data Real-time operating system, online software upgrade Keyboard input One channel for sampling and analysis in case of any error caused by paper feed Mass flowmeter to measure the flowrate, constant sampling to ensure the measurement accuracy Automatic fault diagnosis […]

  • Particle analyzer BAM1006

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    CONTINUOUS PARTICULATE MONITOR BAM1006 adopts the principle of B-ray absorption to measure the paricle concentration. The resultis accurate and reliable. The monitoring and data management are operated by the microcomputer system , which is able to inspect continuously  


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    ZWIN-YC08 Dust Online Monitor is designed to online real-time monitoring of multi environmental factors, adopts laser scattering method to monitor PM2.5, PM10, and can be integrated noise, temperature, humidity, light, wind speed and wind direction.   The collected data is transferred to the intelligent cloud platform for processing,giving customers all the  monitoring  information.With  data  collection & […]