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  • ZWIN-GCP08 Gas control Panel

    592 Gas Produkt Gas

    ZWIN-GCP08 Gas control panel can connect up to 132 gas detectors,which can realize remote signal transmission; at the same time, it can control solenoid valves, exhaust fans, motors, water pumps, sound and light alarms, spray systems, machinery and equipment, etc to realize automatic job. It can achieve the integration of remote monitoring and cloud monitoring, which is convenient for […]

  • ZWIN-CP06 Gas control panel

    494 Gas Produkt Gas

    ZPO6 is a wall-mounted gas control panel. This model is mini size,flexible and convenient to install. Support 1-4 channels 4-20MA signal acquisition and with sound and light alarm function. Relying on accurate gas detection and monitoring, the panel can control solenoid valves,exhaust fans, motors, water pumps, sound and light alarms, sprinkler systems, machinery and equipment, etc,to achieve […]

  • ZWIN-GasGuard06Online Gas Detector With Display

    349 Gas Produkt Gas

    ZWIN-GasGuard06 series gas detector is a kind of monitoring gas concentration in different kinds of situations or pipelines 24h continuously wall mounted type gas detector. Using world first class brand sensors, and advanced micro-process technology, with data display, fast response, high precision and good stability. Powered by 24V DC, with 4-20mA, RS485, relay signal output. […]