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ZWIN-CEMS06 Online flue gas analyzer

ZWIN-CEMS06 Online flue gas analyzer

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ZWIN-CEMS06 flue gas analyzer is a gas analyzer independently developed by ourcompany for environmental monitoring and on-line gas analysis of industrial fieldemissions. The analyzer mainly measures gas concentrations such as SO2, NO and O2,and has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high stability and reliability,and fast response time. Especially suitable for extractable ultra-low emission CEMSsystem.

● SO2 and NO use UV differential spectroscopy. Compared with traditional NDIR,the measurement accuracy is not affected by moisture and dust, and there is basicallyno zero drift.

● Using a high-resolution spectrometer for spectral analysis, the instrument has a verylow detection limit.

● The internal temperature control precision of the instrument is high, and theenvironmental adaptability is good.

● The light source adopts high stability deuterium lamp, and the instrument has goodstability.

● No optical moving parts, no cutting wheel, filter wheel, interferometer and otheroptical moving parts, highly reliable.

● Modular design, light source, spectrometer, core circuit, gas chamber, oxygensensor, etc. adopt modular design, with high reliability, good scalability and easymaintenance.

PARAMETER                                                     SPECIFICATION

Measuring range SO2                                         0~50)mg/m3,can be customized

Measuring range NO                                        (0~50)mg/m3,can be customized

Measuring range O2                                         (0~25)%

Linear error                                                         ≤ ±1%FS

Indication error                                                   ≤ ±5%

Repeatability                                                      ≤ 2%

Stability                                                              ≤ 5%

Utmost flow                                                        3L/min

Zero drift                                                           ±1%FS

Span drift                                                          ±1%FS

Working temperature                                      (5~40)℃

Response time                                                  ≤ 60s

Power supply                                                     220VAC,120W

Preheating time                                                  ≥60min

Gas flow range                                                  1.5L/min±0.5L/min

Gas pressure range                                           Present environmental pressure ±10000Pa

Gas humidity range                                            <95%RH

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